We want to promote a Christian democratic point of view
We want to promote a Christian democratic point of view
About our coalition
  • The European Christian Coalition seeks to promote Christian values and translate them into practical politics.
  • We strive to respect and protect human dignity, as stated in Article 1 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. We believe that this universal principle is based on a human being, created in the image and likeness of God.
  • The ESS recognizes the Christian roots of the EU member states and considers this heritage to be valuable. Key aspects of this Christian cultural heritage also underpin the European Union, namely freedom, solidarity, reconciliation, love, truth and respect for life.

What are we fighting for!
Our coalition is not only a European political party, it is, above all, a movement.

Preservation of Christian culture and heritage
ECC recognizes Christian roots and believes that this heritage is valuable.
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Human dignity and rights
Human rights and dignity are the value of everyone. Everyone must be able to defend themselves as outlined in Article 1 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.
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Freedom, security and stability
True freedom of belief, conscience and expression only becomes visible in relationships with those who feel, think, or act differently. We believe that there should be a fundamental freedom to disagree with the majority opinion on any issue.
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Healthy families and healthy marriages
Healthy families are the foundation of a prosperous society. We believe that a stable, loving relationship between parents is critical to the well-being of their children.
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  1. The Alliance is an essential tool for strengthening Christian politics and influencing EU legislation.
  2. The Alliance will establish an Association of Christian Entrepreneurs.
  3. The Alliance will finance Christian projects, including a conference, information campaigns, publishing activities, and election campaigns for the European Parliament. Thus, the European
  4. The Christian Coalition will have a significant impact on the policy of the European Union both at the level of the EU member states and at the level of the European Parliament.

Events and conferences
Waldemar Herdt
Conference on Human Rights
Conference plan.

1. Introduction
2. Discussion
3. Conclusion

Let's become a single team
We believe that Christian politics
European level is very relevant and has
great growth potential.
European Christian Coalition,
including individuals, will annually take part in Alliance events throughout the EU.
Waldemar Herdt
The president
Country: Germany
Career: Member of Parliament
Normunds Grostins
Secretary General
Country: Latvia
Career: Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Institute for Future Studies.
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Application for participation in the conference
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Application for participation in the conference
Creation and operation of political Alliances of the European level.
  • Creation and operation of political alliances of the European level
  • governed by paragraph 10-4 of the European Treaty and 224 Article
  • Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.
  • The work of the Alliances is 90 percent financed by the EU (since 2007).
  • Alliances (parties) at the European level are registered and controlled by the Authority for European Parties and European Political Foundations
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