European Christian Coalition
Organizational chart
Board of trustees
Waldemar Herdt
The president
Normunds Grostins
Secretary General
Religious Relations

Name Vorname
Director of the Department of Religious Relations with the rank of Vice President.
  1. Establishing interreligious interethnic dialogue. The goal is to determine the points of contact of cooperation, in what unites us (conservative values ​​- family, respect for elders, human values ​​and human rights). Peaceful existence of religions.
  2. Monitoring of all religious initiatives working in the above direction. Preparation of memorandums and agreements on joint activities and participation of the European Christian Coalition and its events (prayer breakfast, round table, etc.).
Political Relations

Name Vorname
Director of the Department of Political Relations with the rank of Vice President.
  1. Attracting leading politicians from all countries to participate in the work of the European Coalition in the form of permanent, collective membership in the form of advisory and expert cooperation
  2. Constant monitoring of legislative initiatives for their impact on universal, conservative values ​​and human rights.
  3. Development of our own legislative initiatives for the protection of human rights and, through IPMK, their introduction into the parliaments of the countries participating in the European Coalition
International Relations

Name Vorname
Director of the International Relations Department with the rank of Vice President.
Creation of a network of representatives of the European Coalition in all countries, regions, regions of the states-participants of the coalition. These can be religious, political and public figures, as well as business representatives who are ready to adequately represent the interests of the coalition in the regions.
Security Department

Name Vorname
Director of the Department for Security, Religious Extremism and Terrorism. No vice president status.
  1. Analysis of the situation in terms of safety and the degree of risks both for the members of the association and for their activities.
  2. Monitoring hotbeds of tension due to extremism and developing measures to reduce tension or prevent it through all the institutions of the coalition of its members in close contact with local security forces and international organizations.
Strategic Development

Name Vorname
This is the director of the department for strategic development, culture and education with the rank of vice president.
  1. Based on the reports and minutes of the activities of all departments, develop a strategic concept for the development of the European Coalition and Fund. Goals, objectives, prospects, priorities, as well as a methodology for practical implementation.
  2. Education, culture and faith are the cornerstones of the concept of peaceful coexistence of states, peoples and religions.

  • Cultural exchange - folklore, traditions, etc.
  • Exchange of pupils, students, specialists
  • Business Schools and Labor Exchange Facilitation
  • Academy of Young Politicians
  • Alternative, progressive methods of preschool and school education
Secretariat, office work

Name Vorname
Department manager
Solution of all organizational issues
Image / Medial space

Name Vorname
Department manager
Image creation, Strategy and tactics for image creation. Content creation for the media space.